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BioIdentical Hormones Safer and More Effective

MRI breastBioidentical Hormones for Safety and Efficacy

The use of synthetic female hormones will go   down in history as one of the worst failed medical experiments of all time.  The most widely prescribed estrogen called Premarin doesn't come from humans.  It comes from pregnant horse urine.  The most widely prescribed synthetic progesterone called Provera is a chemical which is not normally found in the human body or anywhere else in the animal or plant kingdom.  After 30 years in medical practice, I have been astounded by the fact that our medical system uses these synthetic hormones.  However, if you consider the financial implications, this is not surprising. Current law prohibits patent protection for the manufacture of natural substances like human estrogen and human progesterone. However, the Synthetic versions can be patented and therefore profitable.

Bio-Identical Hormones:

Bio-Identical hormones are inexpensive and these are the ones found in the human body.  They are readily available from compounding pharmacies.   The medical literature confuses the definition of Synthetic and Bio-Identical Hormones and doesnt understand the difference.  That is why the large medical studies on hormones such as the Womens Health Initiative have used only synthetic hormones which have patent protection.  The WHI study was published in the July 2002 issue of JAMA.

The WHI study shows increased Cancer and Heart Disease from Synthetic Hormones:

The first arm of the WHI study was halted early because of increased breast cancer in the Synthetic Hormone group.  The culprit was found to be the Synthetic Progesterone, Provera, which also causes coronary vasospasm, heart disease and stroke.  A less well known study, published in JAMA 2004, was  the second arm of the WHI study, which used Horse Estrogen (Premarin) alone.  This study actually found less breast cancer in the Premarin treated group.  However, the oral estrogen pill was causing blood clots and strokes (similar to the birth control pills) and this study was also halted early. Out of 5,300 patients, there were 124 cases of breast cancer per year in the placebo group (dummy pill) and only 94 cases in the Premarin treated group.

A Clinical Study showing Safety of Bio-Identical Hormones:

The French Cohort Study showed no increased risk of breast cancer from Bio-identical hormones in 3,000 women.

Dr. Joseph F. McWherter conducted a clinical study involving 2,300 women on his Bio-Identical Hormone Program over a five year period.  He reports only one case of breast cancer under his care over five years.  Compare this to the 124 cases of breast cancer expected each year from the Womens Health Initiative study, and it is clear that Dr McWherters patients had a dramatic reduction in breast cancer.  This excellent result can be credited to the Breast Cancer Prevention Program outlined in his book.

Dr. McWherter's Breast Cancer Prevention Program:

Dr. Joseph McWherter's Program uses trans-dermal triple estrogen cream (Tri-Est) applied to the skin.  This avoids the blood clots and strokes found with the pill form.  He also uses bio-identical progesterone.  His breast cancer prevention program consists of a nutritional supplement containing a broccoli extract called DIM, CalciumD-Glucarate and Red Wine Extract, all of which influence estrogen metabolism beneficially.  Also included is an Iodine supplement (which reduces the incidence of breast cancer in many medical research studies), an Omega-3-fatty acid supplement (fish oil) and a high quality daily multivitamin/mineral supplement.  Regarding the vitamin supplement, Dr. McWherter gives high levels of folate (800 mcg) and high levels of vitamin D (combined with vitamin D blood testing to avoid toxicity).  The full program can be found in his book or web site.  By the way, the iodine supplement not only prevents breast cancer, it also completely reverses fibrocystic breast disease, a common painful breast condition.

Recommended Reading:

"Avoiding Breast Cancer While Balancing your Hormones."  By Joseph F. McWherter, M.D. 2005, AE Rosebud Publisher

"Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It", by David Brownstein, M.D.  (c) 2005,

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